Think baristas, saunas and a sense of true fulfillment.

What will work—and the workplace—look like in 2, 5, 10 or even 20 years?

While we can’t know for sure exactly where we’re going, we can explore the possibilities. Each month we’re sharing a few of the latest workplace trends to keep you informed on the ever-changing world of work.

This month we’re talking about workplace perks and companies that go the extra mile. With fierce competition for talent—and tenants if you’re a landlord—there’s immense pressure to create the best workplace experience. Below, see a few ways employers are going above and beyond the average office environment.

The office barista will now take your order

In the war of workplace amenities, baristas are a new perk to beat. More corporate offices, including JLL, are adding fully staffed coffee bars to keep employees happy, provide a casual atmosphere and compete with cool tech offices.

Office landlords partner with Uber, Lyft to overcome parking costs and attract tenants

Many landlords in New Jersey have begun offering subsidies for ride-hailing services to attract tenants who might otherwise prefer the accessibility of downtown. These partnerships offset parking costs for landlords and help car-less employees bridge the gap from public transit to suburban offices.

Chief Happiness Officer sounds like a bad sitcom title but it’s what your workers want

When deciding where to work, perks are less important than salary, security and benefits. However, a JLL survey on human experience, reveals there are factors even more important than those three. A sense of engagement, empowerment and fulfillment are what people really want from the workplace.

Office saunas and paid puppy leave: The oddest job perks revealed

Just for fun: a UK survey from Glassdoor found some British employers go over the top to keep their people happy. Among the top 20 were international field trips (all expenses paid), in-office chefs and wellness allowance.

How can workplaces achieve the right balance between work and play?

Here’s the caveat with workplace perks: they reflect culture, but don’t create it. Many companies that have implemented off-beat amenities and playful workplace design aren’t reaping the rewards like their tech industry peers. That’s because your workplace must align with your culture first.

Stat of the month

$30.5 billion: The estimated cost of millennial turnover to the U.S. economy each year. Gallup notes the primary reason for high turnover is lack of engagement. Here are three ways to keep millennials (and all employees) engaged, empowered and fulfilled at work.

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Last month, we talked about people want in and outside the office. Check it out here.



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