Office Renew is both “the story of workplace” and the story of our corporate headquarters redesign in Chicago’s Aon Center. Our employees are thrilled about the results, and Crain’s Chicago Business is too. Our Chicago headquarters has been selected as one of Crain’s 2017 Coolest Offices.

Using the same best practices we advise clients on, we completed a full office renovation in just 18-months. The new space is designed specifically to bring our 1,500 employees together and to offer them a one-size-fits-one approach. Meeting the needs of the modern workforce, our technology capabilities combined with collaboration options like large conference rooms, phone rooms and mid-size huddle rooms allows employees to be productive in their own unique ways.

The marquee feature, which happens to be an employee favorite, is a two-story full-service coffee bar dubbed The Club on the 44th floor, designed to give employees an option for events, meetings or a place to recharge and push through an afternoon slump.

Looking to start your own office renovation journey? Our guide provides recommendations that will win with your employees (barista not required).

See the other Crain’s Coolest Offices here.



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About the author

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