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You want to create a workplace that works.

You want to create a workplace that works. A place that fosters innovation and collaboration, makes your people more engaged and productive, reinforces your company culture, and is a purposeful fusion of life and work based on authentic human experiences. A place where people want to work.

Achieving that ambition is no easy feat. A lot goes into a place that inspires: the right physical location, empowering and unobtrusive technology, a healthy office environment, a mix of spaces that empower your people to work where and how they want, and so much more.

That’s why we built Office Renew.

Here, you’ll find expert insights on the latest workplace trends alongside practical tips and guides to help you along your office improvement journey. We’ve also shared stories (and lessons learned) of revitalizing our own spaces across the globe—from a massive headquarters renovation in Chicago to a new space build-out in Shanghai.

We encourage you to browse, search, explore and find inspiration in these pages. If you love what you see, subscribe for weekly updates using the box at the top or bottom of any page. And if there’s anything we can help you with, please drop us a line.


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