JLL Atlanta

A focus on technology enhancement, flexible working, collaboration and a one-of-a-kind client experience center with Project UPgrade.

JLL’s Atlanta office space in Buckhead needed to optimize floor space to support the growing business while enhancing the workplace experience for employees and clients. The name, Project UPgrade, speaks to the emphasis placed on improvements to our already impressive workspace and incorporates a variety of enhancements throughout our space. The completed project brings a fresh look and feel for colleagues to share ideas and collaborate with clients in a flexible and inviting environment.

The new space






Conference room


Huddle rooms

Why we did it

Because of a capacity concern based on growth projections.

Project UPgrade took a strategic look at the opportunities to embrace the firm’s digital transformation, inclusive culture, and consultative business approach to deliver enhancements across our already envied workplace. Project UPgrade consisted of technology and work station enhancements on floors 11 and 12, as well as a 6,000 s.f. expansion on the 14th floor to better serve the needs of our team and our clients.

Some key features include:

  • UPgrading technology for faster and more flexible collaboration on all three floors
  • Incorporating ~100 new sit-stand desks so employees can stand UP while they work
  • UPsizing our training room for larger meetings and improved presentation capabilities
  • Extending our existing staircase UP to the 14th floor
  • UPending the traditional client meeting with the addition of a new client experience center
  • Corporate Solutions relocating UP to the 14th floor and projecting their expertise in a reimagined space
  • UPdating furniture in several meeting spaces for improved comfort and usability

How we did it

Collaboration Center

The Collaboration Center (C2) is a three-room, technologically advanced work center designed to optimize our collaboration with clients. Design and functionality prioritize how and what the client will feel, see and do in this space, and thus the room is available exclusively for client meetings. Client meetings may take the form of a market overview, new business presentation, portfolio review, yellow pad session, strategic consulting project, or any other consultative, interactive client meeting. C2 is equipped with a dynamic multi-screen workspace for an immersive meeting experience enabling highly interactive digital collaboration, including real-time content sharing from multiple sources and video conferencing.

Technology Enhancements

We’ve upgraded the network and servers on all three floors, added greater Wi-Fi capacity on all floors, and incorporated wireless presentation capabilities on many new screens across the office. Every effort has been made to utilize technologies that are intuitive and quick to use.

Open Staircase

The new staircase connects all three floors of our space (11th, 12th, 14th). These stairs encourage wellness, enhance connectedness of our teams across the entire office, and enhance our image as the preeminent real estate firm in the Southeast.

Social Hub and 12th Floor Training Room

The renovated Social Hub on the 12th floor is ready for quick work and lunch breaks. The area is equipped with power and data for users to stay charged and also video screens for casual digital collaboration. The new social hub is also connected to the 12th floor training room which has been modestly UPsized with power added to the floor and upgraded audio-visual capabilities for more productive training sessions.

Building out JLL Atlanta

72,849 square feet

A footprint across three different floors (11, 12 and 14).

Across three floors

All connected by a new, open staircase.

325 assigned employees

A seating capacity for 417 with 325 assigned employees and 119 new sit-stand desks.

Aha moments

Custom furniture design

We collaborated with other JLL offices to learn what was working and what wasn’t working in regards to furniture and furniture reconfiguration in each of their spaces. We also hosted a party to have for sample seating solutions for employees to ‘test drive’ and vote on the most comfortable and workable seating. These efforts helped us decide what custom furniture to use in the Collaboration Center (C2) that was specifically designed to fit the room and the anticipated number of people utilizing the room.

Digital technology

A priority of the digital upgrades was unifying around a single collaboration solution for presentation sharing. We underestimated the productivity improvement resulting from selecting a single solution for all meeting and team rooms throughout the space and adopted a wireless interface for this collaboration. Employees can now pop in a room and quickly share content from their laptop or mobile device with anyone in the room.

Sit-stand desks

Concerned about desirability of smaller workstations to achieve the densification goals for the project, UPgrade incorporated sit-stand desks as an offset to the smaller work surface. Leaders were elated by the positive response and the desirability of this previously exclusive benefit. The sit-stands encourage movement and collaboration as well as wellness.

3-floor staircase installation

Converting the interior staircase from a 2-floor to a 3-floor connector was no easy engineering feat, but the fluidity, beauty, and health benefits it creates across the space is well worth the investment. The staircase takes advantage of the sunlight from Peachtree Street and makes moving between the floors quick and comfortable for collaborating. The glass, steel, and terrazzo flooring deliver a high-class finish that is beautiful from many angles. Employees taking the stairs over the elevators provides a health benefit from the movement and a moment to clear their mind.

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