JLL San Francisco

Human experience is the link between creative office and business strategy.

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“We went into this San Francisco office remodel project really wanting our new space to reflect the people who work here while driving employee engagement, empowerment and fulfillment.” – Chris Roeder, International Director – Brokerage.

Office Design by M Moser Associates / Photography by Emily Hagopian

The new space




The Golden Gate Bridge staircase


Putting green




Mezzanine room


Conference room

Why we did it

Creating a human experience that reflects our culture and values.

When we set out to create a new space for our people in San Francisco to come together, we didn’t focus on what we needed to do, we focused on why. It’s pretty simple. We didn’t just want to create an office space, we wanted to create an experience. One that mirrors our culture and the values of the people that come together here every day.

How we did it

We talked to our people. Found out what they wanted and why.

  • In order to understand what people really wanted in our new space, we asked them.

It just made sense to partner with other experts that share our same vision and values.

  • Who better to understand what we wanted to achieve than people who speak our same language. That’s why we partnered with M Moser Associates for the design and our own project and construction management team to execute.

From day one, we focused on the human experience.

  • We made every decision from the perspective of a person, not a business objective.

We engaged our own people to help us define and implement our vision.

  • We spend our days helping others, so we just turned the tables.

Building out JLL San Francisco

37,000 square feet

In the heart of San Francisco's financial district.

2 full floors

As part of a 38-story downtown high-rise.

110 employees

All with their individual working styles and unique needs.

Aha moments

Letting the light in

Floor to ceiling windows paired with an open creative floor plan brings in tons of natural light and promotes human interaction.

The ability to choose

Places to eat, collaborate or work alone. We made sure there’s a space for anything our people need to do throughout the day.

Recreate and entertain

It’s pretty natural to want to blow off some steam, we created several places throughout our space to do that.

A local story

Our inner stairwell, meeting room names, color palette and artwork combines our culture with the spirit of San Francisco: ingenuity, innovation and determination.

Digital transformation

We chose smaller individual work spaces in exchange for an open, collaborative feel. That limits our ability to store paper files, encouraging online tools.

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