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Leading workplace design in Shanghai

Our new China HQ in Shanghai offers a vibrant and inspiring space for our staff and clients. Applying an activity-based-working model, staff have found the space to cultivate a sense of collaboration, openness and knowledge sharing. In addition, the workspace is utilizing smart technologies to enhance the user experience and is on its way to achieving LEED v4 Platinum and WELL Platinum status.

By setting the bar high, our Shanghai office is now the new standard for JLL offices across Asia Pacific.

The new space


Main office


The gym


A phone booth


A meeting room


The Aurora Cafe


The Equator Club

Why expand

To better align with the newfound confidence of Shanghai

Companies in Shanghai are expanding and invigorating their offices to reflect the city’s newfound optimism. The Chinese metropolis has just overtaken Tokyo as Asia Pacific’s top commercial real estate investment destination. JLL data indicates that not only did the transaction activity for Shanghai reach a high of USD$8.8 billion in the fourth quarter of 2016; the city was also fifth as a target for international investment in year-end results—ranking behind global cities New York, London, Los Angeles and Paris.

Shanghai’s commercial workspaces are being rejuvenated to reflect the confidence of this rising global city, with sustainability, employee well-being, technology and client experience as the primary focus for companies considering new spaces. And JLL Shanghai is no different. We have opened an exciting new office space at HKRI Centre One, HKRI Taikoo Hui, and it’s an inspirational space for our clients and more importantly, a great workplace for our staff.


How we did it

Incorporating sustainability and wellness

Our new Shanghai office re-imagines office design while meeting the high environmental standards of LEEDv4 and WELL Platinum in terms of energy efficiency, facilities and materials, which was a focus for our team in the design process.

We achieved this by:

  • Incorporating sustainable materials for the interior and the exterior of the office like flooring made of reclaimed wood, and wall finishes that reduce the project’s environmental impact
  • Designing lighting to promote circadian health, ensuring optimum energy efficiency is achieved
  • Providing an air filtration system linked to an app, which provides real-time measurement of the air quality indoors and out, allowing the facility managers to optimize indoor air quality for the health and comfort of our employees and visitors
  • Promoting an active lifestyle by offering access to an in-house gym and fitness training and subsidized bicycle-sharing program
  • Offering only healthy food choices in the in-house-café

Ensuring comfort and collaboration

With varied desk and space configurations, communal worktables, and state-of-the-art meeting rooms, the design of the new office embraces a flexible, co-working style that encourages collaboration, openness, knowledge-sharing and innovation. Ergonomic furniture gives employees the choice of sitting and standing positions to reduce discomfort and body strain and our unique ’15-minute room’ offers employees somewhere to decompress.

Our team reports feeling more connected to colleagues than ever, thanks to new options to meet and collaborate in a variety of different ways. Such flexibility, coupled with a combination of adjustable desks and in-house gym, encourages them to work with a balanced body and mind throughout the day.

And the entrance resembles a hotel concierge, complete with brand ambassadors to help staff with their office needs and ensure visitors feel welcome.

Offering technology and innovation

We incorporated smart technology in the new office to improve staff productivity and user experience. The Microsoft HoloLens is one great example—it uses hologram technology to project digital content into 3D imagery, allowing cutting-edge virtual interaction. Three interactive walls engage staff and clients, which highlight industry trends and insights.

In addition, traditional telephones have been phased out. Instead, employees access Internet-based telecommunications via laptop computers or smartphones while they enter the office and use the lockers via their mobile phones as well.

Building out JLL China HQ

39,000 square feet

We now occupy 39,000 square feet of HKRI Centre One and HKRI Taikoo Hui.

Amenities fostering collaboration

From the Aurora Café to the 15 minutes room, our people are connecting like never before.


Achieving environmental wellness standards is a journey we hope to share with clients across the region.

Aha moments

Where’s my seat?

Not having assigned seats has been a great way to promote more collaboration among employees, provide flexibility for project team and enable employees to meet new people in the office.

Welcome to a wireless world

Having a wireless office environment means new efficiencies, connectivity and flexibility. For example, staff access their lockers via their personal mobile device.

Balancing body and mind

With ergonomic furniture providing employees the choice between sitting and standing positions, an in-house gym and a café offering healthy food options, being at the office can sometimes feel like working from home. In comparison to the workplace of the past, the new space offers a much more balanced body and mind throughout the day.

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