JLL Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Bringing the team together for one goal

Following the JLL/Staubach Company merger, employees of both companies consolidated into Staubach’s existing space in Palo Alto, Calif. As headcount quickly outpaced square footage in a dated office environment, we knew we needed a new space—and fast.

Hard partitions, minimal collaboration areas, distinctly separate departments and a kitchen tucked away in an uninviting corner all contributed to a disconnect between the two merging companies. We knew we needed a new space that could successfully merge the two companies together, promoting more collaboration and boosting productivity in the process. Enter 4085 Campbell.

The new space



What's not to like? We created a space for collaboration, where people who hadn't talked before were now eating lunch together. Our kitchen has also hosted several events—from formal client meetings and happy hours to informal gatherings. The space has truly become the heart of our office, with the flexibility to be used for almost anything.




Personalized office space


Open office layout


Modern conference rooms


Our entrance lobby

Why expand now

To create an environment that fosters collaboration

Creating an environment that could bring our teams together was key. Post-merger, we were asking two teams with separate clients, projects, and business functions to operate harmoniously as one. Our current space could not handle the headcount or our future vision of a teamwork-centric space.

How we did it

It takes a village

Employee feedback was a constant throughout our process. We conducted two team visioning sessions to review the opinions of both existing and new employees. Active engagement kept us informed and accountable to our employees.

Ask the experts

We tapped the expertise of professionals across five JLL core service lines—workplace strategy, project management, capital markets, leasing and property management—to impart specialized knowledge at pivotal points throughout the planning process. After all, it’s what we do!


An important step in the process was determining goals for the new space. At the top of the list: maintaining offices, keeping employees engaged, entertaining clients, and planning for the future. Oh, and that the ability to toss the occasional football was clearly accounted for.

Clean slate

Leveraging shell space at a new location enabled us to build our brand into the office. This provided us with the clean palate we were looking for, and met our space goals.

Building out 4085 Campbell

A surprising selling point for 4085 Campbell was its perfectly rectangular shape, boasting only a few columns and no central core.
With this as our canvas, we were able to create the look and feel of a refined industrial and tech space, reflective of the culture of our company and our clients in Silicon Valley.
When you work in the hub of innovation, you need a space that reflects and fosters that mentality.

One, unified floor

We now occupy one large, open cube. If you look around, you can see someone working within each stage of the real estate cycle.

17,000 square feet

We went from 13,000 to 17,000 square feet, nearly doubling our space and giving us room to breathe, as well as practice our skills in the annual indoor mini golf tournament.

74 people

18 from JLL added to 20 from Staubach—with room to grow to 100+ people, keeping it future proof.

Aha moments

Happy people

Since employee engagement directly correlates with the idea of a “fun” office, we adjusted our ceiling acoustics to maintain the volume of the space—high ceilings and open floor plans were musts. Events like our annual mini-golf tournament and the spontaneous game of smash ball (Not familiar? Come visit us!) would have to go off without a hitch. We even installed sprinkler head baskets to deflect wayward ball passes.

As clear as day

We wanted to maintain visual transparency amongst the 40 offices and the rest of our open space. It was equally important for brokers to retain private, personal space for the purpose of confidential calls or meetings. Balancing between collaboration and client confidentiality, the team incorporated floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sliding doors. By keeping the private offices on the building peripheral, you can look from any point in the office to another with minimal view obstructions.

Be our guest

While keeping our own employees happy is a top priority, we also wanted a space conducive to client entertainment. This meant making sure our refrigerator and freezers are large enough to support catering and events. Our boardroom opens up to the break area with a movable glass wall system for a seamless transition from closed client meeting to all-hands employee meeting to office event.

Future proof

We are vested in our space and want to call it home for as long as possible. To that end, we laid our space out with removable filing cabinets and center consoles, accommodating for future growth. In the open office area, all cabling and electrical is in a set in floor trench system, eliminating power poles and allowing for flexibility in future workstation reconfigurations.

Crash course

Accidental collisions lead to increased collaboration. We designed our floor plan to ensure maximum collisions. Instead of putting our print/supply area in a back corner, we made it a central, fluid space for employees to engage and interact during walkthroughs. Despite the trend towards a digital workplace, many employees still expressed a need for a place to file their paper. Our solution? Tall and narrow filing cabinets that double as impromptu huddle space for run-ins and other unscheduled face time with people.

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