JLL Suburban Maryland

Created to be a convenient welcoming space for employees and clients.

JLL’s Suburban Maryland office is located in North Bethesda, MD at the center of Pike & Rose, a vibrant, newly constructed 3.4 million square-foot mixed-use development, located less than ten miles north of downtown Washington, D.C. The project also sits less than a quarter mile from the Metro, providing easy commuting access from all areas of the region. In addition to its prime location, the project’s hotels, restaurants and retailers are highly useful and attractive amenities for clients and employees alike.

The new space




Huddle room


Conference room


Communal kitchen

Why upgrade

To relocate to an amenity rich location at the center of a new mixed-use development while creating a collaborative environment.

During the selection of our new office space, we focused on identifying a workplace location that responded to our need for a truly integrated and dynamic mixed use environment, which many of our employees sought. This was further exemplified in the design of our office, which incorporates large collaborative meeting areas along with heads-down work areas that proved to be extremely important to our teams. Additionally, proximity to public transportation and to all major highway infrastructure was key to creating a more efficient and less stressful commute for our employees.

How we did it

Ensuring collaboration and comfort

The Bethesda office is a combination of private perimeter offices and open communal space to allow for both focus and collaboration. The open concept continues throughout the office into the kitchen and lobby areas, encouraging casual conversation and creating a team focused environment for employees.

Offering technology and innovation

The reception area, a main focal point of the office, hosts an interactive touch screen display for presentations, with an operable partition for privacy. Oversized screen displays are located in various sections of the office to showcase pertinent information, communicate our expertise and connect us with our clients and teams around the world.

Building out JLL Suburban Maryland

11,000 s.f.

Of an open floor plan combined with perimeter offices

In the heart

Of a 3.4M s.f. mixed-use development


Employees with various working styles and individual needs

Aha moments

Creating an inviting place for visitors

Our office at Pike & Rose offers a welcoming environment for employees and clients alike, from the modern and sleek lobby to our open and inviting kitchenette.


One of the most important elements when selecting our location was proximity to amenities and accessibility to the Metro to ease employee commute times.

Engaging our employees

Our office includes a combination of open floor space and perimeter offices to accommodate a variety of employees and business functions.

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