JLL Washington DC

Washington, DC: Designed to encourage collision and collaboration among our colleagues, clients and community.

For our new Mid-Atlantic headquarters relocation, JLL DC leveraged the power of our own platform to design and build a workplace of the future, one that reflects our changing business and cultural ambitions. The new office embraces a design philosophy “workplace: showplace” which is an approach that looks at our office as much more than just a place for employees to work. The new office provides each employee with what they need to thrive while encouraging collaboration among ourselves, our clients and our community.


The new space




"The Mack," our in-house cafe


Grand internal staircase


Multiple conference room styles


Our story wall

Why we did it

To accommodate the diverse needs of our workforce, convey our expertise and values to our clients and to showcase our brand.

Our new office needed to reflect the changing nature of our work, and our recent relocation was the perfect opportunity to design a workplace that truly worked for us. We realized early on in the planning process that it was not right for us to follow the trend of moving to a completely open work environment. Instead, we designed a workspace that blended trend with tradition, facilitating both casual conversations and our best work. We wanted to support employee productivity and encourage “collision and collaboration” for we know we produce our best work when working together. We deliberately placed certain teams near others and eliminated barriers between them to encourage and streamline interactions.

The “workplace: showplace” design philosophy extends beyond our employees to our clients and the DC community. As commercial real estate experts, our business is inherently local and although we are just one office of a global brand, we belong to our city. We wove aspects of DC into all facets of our space, such as the art on our walls and the names of our conference rooms and meeting spaces. At 2020 K, visitors feel at home and are able to experience our office as though it was their own. We want our clients to see that connection and welcome them into our space.

How we did it

The benefits of second generation space

By moving into a space previously occupied by a law firm, we were able to reuse the existing kitchen infrastructure and become the first JLL office to provide our employees with this full-service food amenity. The Mack, our in-house café, was named by our employees to pay homage to a favorite JLL after-work hangout and has quickly become everyone’s favorite part of the new office. Not only a place to grab coffee or lunch, it’s a place to meet clients, gather with friends and celebrate our successes.

Variety and flexibility

Our new office eschews the “one size fits all model” in favor of variety and optionality. We incorporated not one, but five, individual workstation formats to accommodate all the different ways we work. We extended the concept of variety to our meeting and communal areas as well. Throughout our office, you’ll find a meeting space to fit every type of meeting, from large conference rooms for presentations to small lounges for one-on-one interviews.

A focus on hospitality

We focus on relationships, not just transactions. Our new space reflects this dedication by creating a client experience infused with hospitality. There is no “front of house/back of house” feel in our new space. Instead, our concierge team makes clients feel at home, remembers their coffee orders and invites them to share our space. We want our visitors to get to know us, see us in action and feel like part of the JLL DC team.

Local partnerships

An emphasis on local was important to us as we wanted these relationships to further and deepen our DC connections. Most of our vendors are locally based companies with solid reputations for excellence throughout the DC region. We commissioned local artist Maggie O’Neill to design five impressive works of fine art for our space, pieces that not only showcase our city, but use elements of our own work to tell our story.

Building out JLL Washington DC

72,231 square feet

Two floors, plus 2,200 square feet of lower level space to accommodate our printing and shipping team.

300 daily employees

Our office is designed to accommodate an average of 50 additional hoteling employees each week by including drop-in workstations complete with full connectivity. All daily employee workstations have adjustable height standing desks and dual monitors.

Over $2.5 million in savings

The JLL PDS team designed and built a space valued at over $190 PSF for only $155 PSF by adapting second generation space, reusing existing elements and leveraging JLL synergy partner savings.

Aha moments

Open office acoustics

By engaging a sound consultant early in the planning process, we were able to achieve a desired level of sound privacy despite our more open office setting. Both offices and workstations are designed with special features to mask ambient sounds and enable concentration while not making us feel like we’re in a library.

Our expertise on display

Screens throughout the office communicate our knowledge and expertise to both employees and visitors. Entire walls of our City Center conference room, also known as “The Knowledge Room,” are comprised of touch screens and can be updated with content relevant to each meeting. This room provides an interactive experience for both clients and colleagues and allows us to demonstrate our knowledge on an impressive scale.

A hybrid workspace

Part private office, part open workstation, studios represent a new individual work space best-suited for collaboration-oriented people managers who frequently partner across business lines. This format encourages an “open door policy,” but also provides for quiet, focused work. Like all individual work stations, each studio is equipped with a standing desk and dual monitors, and includes a comfortable bench seat for casual meetings and drop-in conversations.

The collaboration café

Although we expected the Mack, our in-house café, to be popular, we underestimated the extent to which it would bring people together and foster collaboration. Our leaders often schedule time during the morning to sit in the café, have a coffee, and engage in quick discussions before the day really gets started.

Adaptive Reuse

Existing elements from the previous tenant were reused and repurposed to add character and dimension to our space. Our PDS team repurposed the grand, wooden office doors into chevron patterned paneling that decorates our café. The grand internal stairwell was also repurposed and provides a stunning visual and physical connection between our two floors.

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