Jose’s new desk opened the door for him to another business line.

A new workplace shows physical and organizational growth, but once construction is over and your people are moved in, what do they really think? No two employees are the same and though surveys and studies paint a nice overview, there’s no substitute for direct feedback.

From executives to accountants and the concierge, we’re talking to JLLers who work in our redesigned office to see how the space really works. Join us as we discover how employee experience can differ in the very same space, which workplace features meet which needs—and how to help when they don’t.

Meet Jose Cruz, human directory 

What’s your role and where do you work within JLL’s headquarters?

I’m an administrative receptionist for JLL’s Office Services team. I sit on the 44th floor near the Club (our new café space). What’s Office Services? I manage visitor access and basically help the office run smoothly for employees and guests. I’m usually one of the first contacts for anyone who has a question or needs directions, if something’s not working in the building, you name it.

I run the email and the phone—so aside from questions inside the building, I have a lot of people who found the number on Google and want to find a broker, or know who manages a certain building. It could be anything. Hopefully I can answer, but if not I’ll figure out who can.

I also sit near many of the client meeting rooms, so I handle all reservations and approvals for those. And I usually end up teaching employees how to use the new reservation and meeting room technology, too.

What’s your favorite feature of the redesign?

Definitely the Club. It’s such a nice space to be in. The chandeliers, the view, the energy. I’ve been here since it opened and saw the finishing touches they added over the first month. They switched out some of the furniture to be more casual and conversational and the end result is pretty awesome. Gives it a more comfortable feel. It’s definitely not something you would expect from a business or an office.

Has the new space changed the way you work?

Wow, yes. I joined JLL before the Club renovation was finished, and I sat upstairs in the reception area.* It was fine, but it’s just a room. It was away from traffic areas, so I only really interacted with the people near me.

Now, after the move, I sit in probably the highest traffic area. I get to interact with so many people and put faces to the people I email often. Plus my responsibilities doubled with the new technology. I assumed management of those portals and got to expand my training and expertise.

*Ed. Note: As part of our renovation, we made our lobby concierge more interactive and less person-behind-the-desk. During renovation, reception sat in a temporary space Jose talks about here. 

Any difficulties you’ve experienced or observed? How are they being addressed?

I would say, just having to adapt to the challenges of a location with such high visibility. I technically work for office services, but I handle a lot of reception duties because our true lobby reception is on a separate floor. I don’t want to bore you with the nuances of each job, but I sit in a busy area and people come to the desk with all kinds of questions, so of course I do what I can to help. And that’s helped me expand my job and get to know the right contacts.

Office services didn’t use to have a public-facing desk like reception. But now that we do and we’re seeing the types of requests that come up, we’re working on better collaboration between the two groups.

Lastly, tell us a quick story from your first weeks getting situated

The renovation and this new desk have been really good for my career. I’m interested in criminal justice, and one of my long-term goals at JLL is to expand into a role in the legal department. That’s really where I see myself.

And now that I sit near the Club, I actually met some of the people in that department. It’s casual, but it’s a good connection. I was excited about the legal introduction, but I’ve met people across so many business lines and roles, from senior people to associates. I’ve made connections with people in departments I didn’t even know existed.

Interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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